Friday, August 10, 2018

On My Father's 50th Birthday, I Made His Day with Personalized Photo Mugs

It was my father’s 50th birthday in a month and I had no idea about what I was going to get for him. I wanted to gift him something really nice and emotional but at the same time, I don’t want to choose something that will burn a hole in my pocket as I had some monetary constraints during that time.

I did not want to go for the usual shirts or ties. I wanted to give him something meaningful, something that says, ‘I respect you for the life you have had till now’.

I used to spend all my free time browsing the internet to find a special gift to honor my father on his 50th birthday but I wasn’t satisfied with the options I came across. Finally, after much surfing, I decided to find some of the best personalized gifts to give to the loved ones like the kinds of personalised pens, personalized mobile phone covers, personalized mugs or something on those lines.

As I was searching for an online printing company Australia, I came across Printyo who had quite a lot of choices that came under my budget.

Mug Printing

Printyo had a lot of personalization options starting from mug printing, labels, stickers and a lot more. Among all these options, I decided to buy personalized mugs from Printyo as I got a great idea to gift my father with personalized mugs.

My personal opinion is that one should choose personalized mugs as a gifting option as there is a lot that one can do with it other than just simply gifting a single mug. It can be innovated and used in quite a lot of ways and make it all personalized.

With the innovative ideas I was thinking of, I decided to get the photos of my father from his young age till then and create a timeline of his life with photo mugs. I choose the best six photos of my father that depicted his life through the time – the first one was a black and white image of my father as a small child, the next one was in his school uniform when he was 12 years old, the next was when he was 18 years old, the other one was when he graduated from college, the next was when he married my mother and the last one was the most recent picture of our family.

For the design of the mugs, I choose the golden mug (as shown in the image below) to print the six photos on as the golden shades looked perfect for reminiscing the old memories.

Online Mugs

I bought another mug that says ‘Happy 50th Birthday Dad” to mark the occasion like the one shown below.

birthday mugs

I gave all these six images for mug printing, to be printed on 6 different mugs and edited the seventh one so that it addresses my dad.  I got the mugs delivered to my place a few days after I placed the order and I was totally impressed by the mugs I got! The personalized mugs from Printyo exceeded my expectations and I was totally elated to see such a perfect collection of mugs for my father.

On his 50th birthday, our family had arranged a party for him and I took these mugs and arranged them in the right order and added a few serial lights to the setting to give it a nice look. 

My father was totally surprised by the gift I got. I could see tears welling up in his eyes as he took each mug in his hand and started recollecting all his old memories. We started talking about his younger ages and that night became one of the memorable nights ever for our family, thanks to the beautiful mugs that created the spark to mold us all together.

After his birthday day, my father kept the collection of personalized mugs prominently in his display and used to show it to everyone who visits the house and talk about how his son had gifted him his memories back and not just a set of mugs.

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